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What Are Cash Home Buyers in Ohio?

A cash home buyer is a buyer that works directly with you to buy your house as-is for cash. A cash home buyer can be an investor, a wholesaler, or a person who wants to buy your house. In most cases, the buyer is trying to profit from the transaction. They will either fix and flip the house, do a buy and hold, or put the house up for rent. 

You should note that a cash home buyer is not a real estate agent. The buyer doesn’t broker a deal or help you sell the house. They also do not charge or collect commissions from the house sale. Instead, they are the buyer who pays cash for your house. Below we look more closely at cash home buyers in Ohio and what you can expect from a cash home sale. 

What Is a Cash Home Sale?

A cash home sale is a real estate transaction between a company that buys houses in Ohio and a motivated seller trying to sell their house fast. The buyer finds out that the seller is selling their house. The buyer contacts the seller to inquire about the house. 

From there, the process is easy.

  • The buyer may ask to do a quick walkthrough of the house.
  • If the cash home buyer is interested, they will make an offer on the house.
  • If the home seller accepts the offer, they agree to the terms of the sale.
  • The buyer and seller close the house.
  • The buyer pays the seller for the house. 

It’s the simplest real estate transaction for anyone buying or selling a house because it doesn’t involve multiple parties or potential buyers. It’s a private transaction between the buyer and seller.

Why You Should Consider Selling to Cash Home Buyers

There are several advantages of a cash home sale in Ohio.

1. Cash Home Buyers Are Pre-Qualified

If you put your house on the market, you may get several offers from buyers. However, many of these offers will not follow through because the buyers do not qualify for a mortgage. A cash home buyer already has the funding necessary to pay cash for the house and can guarantee the sale upon your approval.

2. Cash Home Buyers Are Committed

Regular buyers often get cold feet. They may offer and even agree to buy the house on your terms. However, they get cold feet and back out of the sale. Cash home buyers do not make an offer unless they are already 100% committed to buying the house. They’re not going to waste their time or yours. 

3. Cash Home Buyers Can Overcome Hurdles

If you are going through a legal or financial hardship, you may have difficulty selling your house the traditional way. A cash buyer can overcome many legal or financial hurdles to buy your house. For instance, if you are going through bankruptcy or foreclosure, the buyer can buy your house as-is and give you the cash you need to avoid filing bankruptcy or the bank foreclosing on your house.

4. You Can Sell Your House As-Is

One of the biggest benefits of a cash home sale is the ability to sell your house as-is for cash. You do not have to make any repairs or home improvements before you sell the house. The buyer agrees to pay for the house in its current condition regardless of any known issues. 

We Are Cash Home Buyers in Cleveland, Ohio

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