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Is My Damaged House Still Sellable?

If your house has sustained damage from a fire or natural disaster, you may be thinking about selling the property instead of repairing it. Selling your house can relieve the stress of restoring your house to its original condition before the damage occurred. You can save thousands of dollars just by unloading the property to someone else.

However, there is a downside. A damaged house is not easy to sell on the real estate market. Even if you do manage to sell the property, you may not get your asking price. A potential buyer has leverage when negotiating a fair price. After all, who can argue with a caved-in roof or heavy structural or systemic problems? However, your damaged house is still sellable. You can sell your house fast for cash to a local home buyer in Cleveland, OH.

What Are Your Options for Selling a Damaged House?

There are several options for selling a damaged house.

Option 1: Do a Short Sale

If you still owe on your mortgage but want to sell your damaged house, you may be able to do a short sale. A short sale is the sale of a real estate property in which you are willing to accept less than the amount still owed on the mortgage.

A short sale involves two things:

You must be so far behind on payments that you can’t catch up. In most cases, payments that trigger a foreclosure are three to four months delinquent.

  1. The housing market must have declined to the point where your house is worth less than the remaining balance on the mortgage.
  2. However, a short sale may also be an option if you have a heavily damaged house a do not want to make repairs or continue living in the house. You may simply stop making payments while looking for a buyer.

Option 2: Make the Necessary Repairs

If you want to ensure that your house sells, you may choose to make the necessary repairs. There are two things to consider when repairing a damaged house.

  1. Tackle high-priority items. Many buyers are okay with a home that needs some cosmetic fixes. If your time and budget are limited, consider just putting your efforts into the most important home improvement items. Foundation damage, mold, leaks, or a furnace replacement are just a few examples.
  2. Focus on minor cosmetic fixes. Alternatively, you can spend your time on the most cost-effective renovation ideas. They’ll go a long way toward improving your curb appeal, which can make a big difference with buyers.

Option 3: Sell Your Damaged House As-Is for Cash

If you don’t want to fix the repairs and do not want to wait to sell your house, your best option may be to sell your house as-is for cash to a local home buyer in Cleveland, OH. When you sell your house to a local buyer, you avoid repairs and renovations. You also avoid paying realtor commissions and closing costs. 

The process is simple. A home buyer can look at your property, make a fast cash offer (usually within 24 to 48 hours), and close the sale in as little as seven days. It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in or how much you still owe on your mortgage. You can sell your house right away and move on with no strings attached. 

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    How Do I Sell My Damaged House for Cash?

    You may be wondering, “How do I sell my house fast?” We make it easy to get out from underneath your property in just three steps:

    Step 1: Call Our Local House Buyers

    Call us today and schedule a quick walkthrough with one of our house buyers. We can assess your property to decide if we would like to move forward with a purchase. If so, we will make an offer within 24 to 48 hours. Do not worry about preparing or cleaning your property. We buy houses as-is.

    Step 2: We Will Make a Fair Cash Offer

    If we like what we see, then we will make a cash offer on your house at just below its current market value. We will not try to buy your house at a rock-bottom price. Instead, our local house buyers try to create a solution where everyone benefits. As local buyers, we understand the real value of your property in Ohio.

    Step 3: We Pay You Cash

    If you accept our offer, then you can schedule a close date that is convenient for you. In most cases, we can close in as little as seven days and have cash in your hand in only a few weeks. We pay all closing costs. You pay nothing. Simply walk away from your property with no strings attached.

    Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash

    Instead of going through of hassle of trying to list your old or ugly house on the market, you may want to work with our buyers instead. There are several benefits of selling your house as-is for cash.

    • You avoid closing costs or realtor fees.
    • You do not have to make repairs or upgrades to the house.
    • You can close in as little as seven days.
    • You avoid the hassle of listing your house on the market.
    • You walk away from your old house with no strings attached.
    • We handle any legal issues or inspections after the sale.

    Sell My Damaged House Fast in Cleveland, OH

    Before you contact the realtor or list your house on the market, do not pass up the chance to sell your house as-is for cash. Home Buyers Ohio is here to help you find the simplest solutions to get cash-in-hand quickly without wasting time and money on repairs and closing costs. Call 440-490-4600 to get a fast cash offer.

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