• Sell your house fast before it goes to auction.
  • Sell your house as-is – no repairs or renovations necessary.
  • Pay off your mortgage or other debts.

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    Are you trying to avoid foreclosure? If so, you may need to sell your house fast before it goes to auction. Home Buyers Ohio can buy your house as-is. We are local home buyers in Cleveland, OH. Our buyers can do a quick walkthrough of your house, make a fast cash offer, and close the sale in as little as seven days. Best of all, you don’t have to make any repairs or pay realtor commissions or closing costs.

    Home Buyers Ohio can help you avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, or a short sale, saving your credit and allowing you to move forward with your life. We simplify the process so that you can sell your house quickly. To find out more about how to sell your house fast for cash, contact us today. Call 440-490-4600 to get a fast cash offer.


    You may be wondering, “How do I sell my house fast?” We make it easy to get out from underneath your property in just three steps:

    Step 1: Call Our Local Home Buyers

    Call us today and schedule a quick walkthrough with one of our house buyers. We can assess your property to decide if we would like to move forward with a purchase. If so, we will make an offer within 24 to 48 hours. Do not worry about preparing or cleaning your property. We buy houses as-is.

    Step 2: We Will Make a Fair Cash Offer

    If we like what we see, we will make a cash offer on your house at just below its current market value. We will not try to buy your house at a rock-bottom price. Instead, our local home buyers try to create a solution where everyone benefits. As local buyers, we understand the real value of your property in Ohio.

    Step 3: We Pay You Cash

    If you accept our offer, then you can schedule a close date that is convenient for you. In most cases, we can close in as little as seven days and have cash in your hand in only a few weeks. We pay all closing costs. You pay nothing. Simply walk away from your property with no strings attached.


    A distressed house is any property that is under foreclosure and being sold by the lender as a way for the lender to recover part or all the remaining mortgage balance. Normally, a distressed property results from a homeowner who was unable to keep up with the mortgage payments and/or tax bill on the property. It is common for a distressed property to be sold below market value.

    Once the lender realizes that you can no longer keep up with the mortgage payments, they will initially try to work with you to restructure the payments or the loan terms. However, after a specified period, they may repossess the house, evict you, and attempt to sell the house at auction.


    If you need to sell your house quickly, you may be looking at different options such as a for sale by owner (FSBO), listing your house on the market, or selling your house to a local home buyer. While each has its benefits, there are distinct advantages of selling your house as-is for cash.

    It is the Fastest Way to Sell Your House

    If you are in a situation where you must get out of a mortgage, move, or sell your house to raise funds (such as probate), do not have time to sell your house the traditional way. On average, it takes 60 to 90 days to hire a realtor and sell a house on the market. If you sell your house for cash, you can close in as little as seven days and get cash in your hands in as little as 30 days.

    You Avoid Selling and Closing Costs

    You may try to sell a house to make a profit. However, by the time you pay out expenses and fees, you may lose up to 25 percent of your house’s selling price. Expenses such as closing costs, realtor commissions, repairs, appraisals & inspections can add up fast. All of these expenses add up to thousands of dollars in costs that eat into your profits. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

    You Avoid Legal Hassles

    You may be in a situation such as a probate, bankruptcy, or foreclosure where you are tied up in legal battles. Foreclosure can ruin your credit and keep you from buying another house for a few years. You may need fast cash to collect funds for probate. Or, if you are a landlord, you may have tenants you do not want to deal with. All these problems are easily fixed when you sell your house fast for cash.

    Say Goodbye to the Hassle of a Traditional Sale

    Selling a house these days can be a major hassle. You may spend countless hours renovating your home and getting it ready to sell. You must also put your house on the market, meet with the realtor, and repeatedly show your house to potential buyers. It can take up to 45 days to close. When you sell your house for cash, you bypass all the hassle. Simply sell your house as-is and walk away.


    Before you contact the realtor or list your house on the market, do not pass up the chance to sell your house as-is for cash. Home Buyers Ohio is here to help you find the simplest solutions to get cash-in-hand quickly without wasting time and money on repairs and closing costs. To schedule a quick, no-obligation walkthrough with one of our local house buyers, call 440-490-4600.

      Get Your Fair & Honest All-Cash Offer Today! No Obligations!

      Or Call Us Now At 440-490-4600