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Can I Sell My Damaged House After a Disaster?

Ohio is no stranger to disasters. The state has experienced numerous floods, tornadoes, fires, and severe storms. When natural disasters occur, they often cause massive damage to houses, leaving homeowners with thousands of dollars in repairs. In many cases, property owners choose to sell their houses and move on because the cost of restoring the house is too high.

If you are a homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio, and a natural disaster damaged your house, you may feel like your options are limited. However, it is possible to sell your damaged house fast without making repairs or incurring high selling costs. Below, we look at some of the most common natural disasters in Ohio and what you can do to sell your damaged house as-is in Ohio after a disaster.

Common Natural Disasters in Ohio

Severe Storms

Severe storms do occur from time to time. You can expect between 30 and 50 days of thunderstorms annually. Precipitation varies throughout the state— the northwestern region averages 32 inches and the southern region averages 42 inches of rainfall per year.

Spring and summer months are the most common time to see storms and heavy precipitation, which are not only accompanied by lightning and strong winds but in some cases hail too.


Most communities in Ohio are at risk of getting flooded. Approximately 20% of the population is especially vulnerable due to the topography of the region, the rivers flowing in and out of the valleys, and the episodes of heavy rainfall. Ohioans have experienced flooding due to overflowing rivers, excessive rain after a wildfire leading to saturation of the soil, rapid snowmelt, dam collapse, and levee breaks.


Ohio experiences an estimated 19 tornadoes each year. Since the boundaries of Tornado Alley are not officially defined, it’s difficult to say whether or not Ohio is part of this region. Some sources include the western portion because more tornado activity occurs there.

Thunderstorms and low pressure pose a risk for the development of a tornado. But even if thunder is not present, under the right atmospheric conditions, a twister can form in a matter of minutes.

Winter Storms

Being a northern US state that borders one of the Great Lakes makes Ohio prone to extremely cold temperatures. Snowfall averages 22 inches annually across the state, but Cleveland ranks the highest with 68.1 inches! Lake-effect snow could definitely have a lot to do with it since the cities that lie on the Great Lakes— Lake Erie in this case— are bound to receive more snow.

How Natural Disasters Affect Property Values in Cleveland, OH

When natural disasters strike in these areas, the effects on the wider Ohio market are minimal, but the effects in the Cleveland area are more definitive and long-lasting. Prospective buyers may find the location less desirable after a disaster and mortgage operations slow, both of which hurt home sales.

Oddly, home values in high-risk areas are higher than homes in low-risk areas. That’s because homes in higher-risk areas are often more desirable places to live. As such, homes in higher-risk areas may decrease sale prices after a natural disaster but have a much higher starting point.

Should I Repair or Sell My Damaged House After a Disaster?

After a natural disaster damages your home, you may be considering your options. Should you try to sell your damaged house or try to restore it and move back in? Before you decide, consider these four key questions.

  1. Can you rebuild a home that is sturdier and more disaster-resistant than the old one?
  2. Can you afford a mortgage and insurance on a rebuilt house in a disaster zone?
  3. Are neighbors, local businesses, and public services likely to return and rebuild?
  4. Knowing the risk of storm-related damage, will you be able to resell the house at a good price?

The bottom line is this: Is it worth it to rebuild, or should you attempt to sell your damaged house as-is?

How to Sell Your Damaged House After a Disaster?

Chances are, if you attempt to sell your damaged house on the market after a natural disaster, you will need to reduce your asking price substantially. Currently, it’s a seller’s market. So, you are competing with dozens of properties in better condition.

The best way to sell your damaged property in Ohio is to sell your house as-is directly to a buyer. You can bypass the market altogether. You do not have to hire a realtor, and you can avoid selling costs. At Home Buyers Ohio, we have a simple process that allows you to sell your house in three easy steps.

Step 1: Contact Us

Call Home Buyers Ohio or fill out the contact form to schedule a quick walkthrough of the property. Don’t worry about making any renovations or repairs or even cleaning the house. We buy houses as-is. Feel free to ask any questions or express your concerns. We are happy to discuss your situation.

Step 3: Get a Fair Cash Offer

If our buyers like what we see, we’ll make a fast cash offer at just under your house's current market value. In most cases, we can offer as little as 24 to 48 hours after seeing the property. When you work with Home Buyers Ohio, you’ll get a fair offer for your house.

Step 3: You Get Paid

If you accept our offer, you can schedule a closing date that is convenient for you. We pay all closing costs and fees. You simply show up, sign the papers, and get paid. When you work with us, selling your house in Cleveland has never been easier. Get started with us today!

Sell Your Damaged House Fast to Home Buyers Ohio

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