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Benefits of a Cash Home Sale in Ohio

Ideally, you want to sell your house as fast and affordably as possible once you list it on the market. However, there are multiple variables that determine how quickly you can sell your house and under what conditions. Fortunately, there is an alternative to selling your house the traditional way if you need to sell your house right away but can’t find a buyer.

A cash home sale allows you to sell your house directly to a company that buys houses in Cleveland, Ohio without hiring a real estate agent. You can sell your house as-is without making home repairs. On average, most cash transactions take seven to 21 days to complete. Below, we look at the benefits of a cash homer sale in Ohio.

1. Sell Your House Regardless of Your Reason

You may believe that your current situation keeps you from selling your house fast. It may be true in a traditional home sale where you must jump through several hoops to close a deal. However, in a cash home sale, you have more flexibility to sell your house as-is for cash regardless of your circumstances.

House-buying companies in Ohio work with home sellers in all types of situations, such as

Bankruptcy Relocating
Distressed House Selling As-Is
Divorce Short Sale
Downsizing Structural Issues
Foreclosure Tired Landlord
Inherited House Vacant House

If you are going through a situation such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, or divorce, you need options that help you get out of your mortgage and walk away with no strings attached.

2. Avoid Home Selling Expenses

Selling a house in Ohio can be expensive. You may shell out thousands of dollars in various costs, which ultimately comes out of your profits. Some of the most common home-selling expenses include

  • Home repairs: Home repairs can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000, depending on the project. In most cases, you’ll need to make home repairs and upgrades before you list the house on the market. Most buyers will not look at a home in poor condition.
  • Realtor commissions: Realtor commissions are usually split between the buying and selling agent. You can expect to lose five to six percent in realtor commissions off the top of your home’s selling price.
  • Closing costs: Closing costs vary depending on the terms and conditions of your home sale. They range from $300 to $1500 and include a wide range of fees and costs.

When you sell your house for cash to an Ohio house-buying company, you eliminate these expenses. The buyer agrees to buy your house as-is. You don’t have to hire a realtor. And the buyer also agrees to pay up to 100 percent of the closing costs, leaving you with little to no expenses.

3. Sell Your House When You Want

A traditional home sale involves several steps that include making home repairs, hiring a realtor, listing the house, staging the house, negotiating with a potential buyer, and closing the sale. While these steps may seem easy they can be complex and time-consuming. On average, a traditional home sale takes 60 to 90 days. That doesn’t include the preparation or the closing process.

In a cash home sale, you eliminate many of the steps, giving you the freedom to sell your house faster. The entire home-selling process takes seven to 21 days. The buyer assesses your property and makes an offer. If you accept the offer, you sign the paperwork and get paid. You can sell your Ohio house when you want.

4. Work With a Pre-Qualified, Committed Home Buyer

Another frustration of selling a home the traditional way is dealing with potential buyers who fail to follow through with the sale. You may receive numerous offers for your house. However, many of these offers fall through the cracks for reasons such as

  • The potential buyer did not qualify for a home mortgage loan.
  • The buyer gets cold feet and backs out of the deal.
  • The buyer may impose conditions of the sale that you do not agree with.
  • The buyer may try to take advantage of your situation by lowballing you.

When you do a cash home sale, you work with a pre-qualified, professional, and committed buyer who actually helps you out of your situation. A reputable buyer will make a fair cash offer and provide options for getting out of your mortgage or selling your house.

Sell Your House Fast to Home Buyers Ohio

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